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Andy Goldring

Andy Goldring is Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association, the national charity supporting people to learn about and use the ethical and ecological design approach that is permaculture. Andy lives in Leeds and is an active teacher and designer in the Leeds Permaculture Network. He advises both urban and rural projects and is currently working on a series of international network building projects - the European Permaculture Community Forum, Ecolise (bringing together Transition Towns, Ecovillage Networks, Permaculture and other Community Led Sustainability initiatives), the Permaculture International Research Network and the Permaculture Co-Lab - an action learning project that seeks to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of the global permaculture movement. He is current secretary of Leeds Love it Share It.

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Helen Hart

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Paul Chatterton

Paul Chatterton is Professor of Urban Futures at the University of Leeds. He teaches, researches and takes action on the climate, ecological and social emergencies. Over the last 20 years he has teamed up with activists and campaigners to: stop fossil fuel use, transform derelict buildings, set up housing cooperatives, development trusts and community enterprises, support climate camps and social centres, take non violent direct action, campaign for migrant rights, and promote active travel. He has published over 50 peer reviewed articles and written 10 books including Low Impact Living, Unlocking Sustainable Cities and How to Save the City. Paul advises civic groups on climate emergency planning. He currently supports Climate Action Leeds in their 10 year vision to transform Leeds, and lives in the award winning cohousing community Lilac Grove. Twitter: @paulchatterton9

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David Barns

David Barns is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds where he focuses primarily on economic, social, and policy aspects of heat decarbonisation and building energy efficiency. David has been an active part of the Leeds community for over 15 years, campaigning on climate emergency and social justice issues. Having worked closely with local authorities in Leeds and elsewhere in professional and research capacities, David brings a sound understanding of local government practices and processes which are critical to delivering real-world change. He has recently played a key role in the redesign of Leeds' planning policies to bring them into line with the council’s climate emergency commitments.

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Tim Frenneaux

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